Embedded Linux development

Embedded Linux development

Innovative solutions for fast market entry.

Our focus on embedded Linux development enables us to provide specific and powerful solutions for our customers, helping to significantly shorten time-to-market for your products. This allows you to quickly respond to market needs and strengthen your competitive position. We offer a comprehensive range of services that cover all aspects of embedded Linux development to meet your requirements.


We create the customized Yocto Project for your system to ensure the optimal platform for your embedded Linux applications.

device tree

We customize the device tree to ensure compatibility and performance of your hardware, seamlessly integrating it into your system.

driver development

Our experts develop the necessary drivers for your specific hardware to ensure smooth communication and interaction with your system.

real-time capability

We ensure that your embedded Linux solutions are real-time capable, achieving optimal performance and response time for time-critical applications. We rely on proven debugging and analysis techniques to efficiently identify, analyze, and resolve potential real-time capability issues. Our expertise ensures that your systems meet the requirements of real-time applications and provide you with the best possible performance.

update strategies

We develop tailored deployment strategies for software updates that ensure both security and currency. We take encryption and signature into account to protect data integrity and confidentiality. Our experts ensure secure updates and protection against unauthorized access.

knowledge transfer

We work closely with our clients and offer joint development projects, if desired. We make sure that our expertise is effectively transferred to your employees so that they can manage and further develop the system independently.

At embeddified e.U., we have extensive expertise in Embedded Linux development, and we are well equipped to lead your projects to success and meet your individual requirements. You can rely on our experience and competence to make your Embedded Linux systems efficient, powerful, and future-proof. Together, we will drive your projects forward and support you in successfully achieving your technological goals.

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